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Opening speech of the Exhibition METAPHORS at nomadentappe.net (Linz) Curated by Enrique Tomas

Talk at the INM – Institut für Neue Medien Frankfurt: Vom Informationsbegriff zu Fragen der Individuation in der gegenwärtigen medialen Ästhetik. Tuesday, 15. January 2013 19:30
Ich werde den Versuch unternehmen, das Simondonsche Denken der Individuation und dessen gegenwärtige Entwicklungen (z.b. Stiegler und Combes) – hinsichtlich aktueller theoretischer Auffassungen digitaler Technologien zu verfolgen.

Machinic concepts for feminist hackers
Workshop held at Miss Baltazar’s laboratory on gender, becoming, individuation in relation to issues concerning the space at hand, which is both a hacker space for women and trans and an atelier (with short texts by Rosi Braidotti and Erin Manning). A second session will be held in January

Paper presentation at Mutamorphosis – Tribute to Uncertainity
Prague 6-8 December 2012
Title: On the indeterminancy of transdisciplinary practices.
Panel: Philosophical Toys Today – Attractor: Tomáš Dvořák


Review of Bernhard Stieglers: “Denken bis an die Grenzen der Machine” (Diaphanes 2009)
“This knot linking the „know how“ of the technician to the speculative reach of the philosopher, is what constitutes a mnemo-technics, i.e. demarcates the link between thought and a materialized version of memory.”

rovigo Paper presentation at  Emerging Technologies, Social Worlds
4TH STS ITALIA Conference.
Track: POLITICS AND TECHNOCULTURE: STRUGGLES, TENSIONS AND CHANGE IN DIGITAL SOCIAL WORLDS, Curated by Paolo Magaudda and Tiziana Terranova, 21-23 June 2012
Paper title: Debt as a regulatory principle of informational disequilibria
abstract:  english italiano

Trace The Tweet
Exhibition: 9 May – 15 June 2012
Symposium: 15 June 2012 (paper)
Gallery Skolska, Prague

Paper investigating black spots between the thought of Gilbert Simondon and Isabelle Stengers (2010)